About us

PROMMARKET LLC specializes in the manufacture of metal products (forgings , including precise forging obtained by front

expanding ) , centrifugal casting of carbon steels, stainless, heat-resistant steels , cast iron and bronze) , bi-metal liner for drilling

pumpsUNB-600, (U8-6-2),NBT-600, NBT-600-II, NBT-475,UNBT-950,NBT-600-1(with two grooves ),BrN-

1,NBT235/40 (D140/D188),T-300,UNBT-950LUNBT-959,UNBT-950L1,(UNBT-1180L1),UNB-600,UNBT-

1180LIIUNBT-600,8650-01,UNR-47532,9,NC-320,(8310) PZ-5,PAH-8,TGH, PZG-7,PZ-7,PZ-9 Gardner-Denver

,F-500, RGF-800 (F-800), F-1000, F-1300,F-1600,15W-600 Ellis Williams, 8-P-80( bimetal , steel and special cast iron ) and

other mud pumps , spare parts for crushing and grinding equipment,also operates with processing recyclable materials.

Today, we are ready to offer the following products:

- Centrifugally cast billet: shafts, rollers, liners, sleeves, bobbins, bandage, drums.

- Forgings including large products obtained by front expanding.

- Heat resistant mold and centrifugal casting.

- The reacting radiation and radiant tubes, retorts, burner.

- Steel and iron castings, from shaped castling to precise molding of gasified models.

- Bronze casting (centrifugal casting, on gasified models in the mold, casting mold)

- Dirty, clean PET flakes in clear, blue and brown colours

The company successfully operates on foreign trade contracts with the CIS countries and abroad , China, India , Romania , USA. Years of experience allows employees to provide comprehensive services for customs clearance , forwarding, product search .

Our main advantages:

- Manufacture of metal with non-default settings to customer order;

- Urgent execution of orders ;

- Flexible pricing .

To place your order, please send to us drawings of the products , technical specifications and other necessary data.


Metal products

Oil equipment

Drive belts

Forgings, shaped, centrifugal casting, spare parts for mud pumps (liners, pistons), and other metal products according to your drawings.